The Valiant Adventurer's Guild


About 6 months ago a group of unlikely friends found themselves banding together with a common purpose. Harlow – a feisty halfling circus performer turned rogue trapper, Marven Fey – a secretive, sarcastic wizard with a penchant for alcohol, and Sinarus Firestorm (AKA Sin) – a gambling alchemical warlock who’s likes include copious amounts of treasure and turning invisible.
They were hired in the town of Fallcrest by one Professor Cranewing to map out a “haunted” keep, that turned out to be the lair of a deranged arcane asshole named Kalarel. Long story short, they mapped the keep, failed to close the rift created by said asshole to the Shadowfell, and became heroes of Winterhaven. No big deal.

After their escapades in Winterhaven they returned to Fallcrest to collect their reward for meticulously mapping the keep, and found that there had been a slew of mysterious kidnappings – one victim hitting especially close to home. Upon returning, the group found Sin’s bar (oh yeah, he also owned a bar with his dad) barred up and closed for business with Sin’s father nowhere to be found. Not good. Not good at all.

Before leaving on their adventure, Harlow had rigged up some traps on the outskirts of town, and when the group checked them they found a mangy, scrappy little kobold named Charrak who’s advice pointed them toward the underground district known as the Seven Pillared Hall.

Another long story short, they met up with Isak – a human artificer with a seriously cool glowing sword named Judith, and Targ-Fat – a goliath who likes to smash in heads and, frankly, the group has no idea what his agenda is…
They saved a fellow named Terrelen (Terry, affectionately) from being a werewolf, and killed an entire family of duergar called the Grimmerzhuls. They took over their trading post (which was just posing as such to cover for their slaving venture) and turned it into a brothel called the Back Door Beastro.
They are trying to find a boar for a blubbering fellow who may or may not have unsavoury plans for his beloved pet, but promises some serious coin in the way of gemstones, so they adventurer’s have decided to look the other way…
Also, the mage Paldemar is missing, and this is a major problem considering the Mages of Sarruun are promising a wondrous item in return for information on their colleague.

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